Winning the Game of Work

Is Workplace Bullying Legal? And How to Deal with It When It Happens to You

August 11, 2022 Terry McDougall Season 1 Episode 8
Winning the Game of Work
Is Workplace Bullying Legal? And How to Deal with It When It Happens to You
Show Notes

This is the 2nd episode in a series on the topic of workplace bullying that I'm partnering on with Lisa Edmondson and our guests are Deb Falzoi, Kalyani Pardashi, and Joangel Concepcion.

On this episode we'll learn where the law protects employees from workplace bullying and, surprisingly, where it doesn't. We'll also look at what you can do if you are the victim of a toxic boss or workplace bully.

Here are the guest biographies:

Joangel Conception: Joangel is a toxic workplace survivor who focuses on empowering employees to make positive changes in their lives. Joangel is also a former journalist and a published author. Her experience, on and off-air gives Joangel the knowledge and expertise to motivate any individual, organization, or business to make positive changes in the workplace. She is committed to combining her media skills and passion for workplace fairness -- to help put an end to bullying, harassment, discrimination, and racism worldwide. Joangel's experience led her to develop a mobile app that helped keep track of unwelcome behavior, uncomfortable situations, and overall wellness in a secure, private place. As of the date of release of this podcast, the app has been discontinued.

Deb Falzoi: Founder and owner of Dignity Together, Deb has dedicated years of her life to pushing legislation to combat bullying in the workplace. She works tirelessly on behalf of those who have been bullied to provide them with coaching, counseling, and training resources to educate and heal targets of workplace bullying.

Kalyani Pardeshi: Anti-bullying specialist, multiple award-winning author of the book UNBULLIED, and certified Quantum Human Design specialist. Kalyani specializes in combating bullying amongst teens and the inner critic/bully so that every person feels safe to be themselves.
Book: Unbullied

Lisa Edmondson: The coordinator of the #LeadershipReform movement, Lisa is a successful people leader of high-performing teams plus the target of a toxic leader. Lisa used both of these experiences to launch Leadership Reno, an organization focused on "renovating" toxic leaders in the workplace. For her almost 30 years of dedication to the Learning & Development industry, Lisa was inducted into Marquis Who's Who in America and Who's Who of Professional Women for 2023.


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